How Pharmacovigilance Does Helps in Risk

Pharmacovigilance plays a major role before and after the drug development
process. In this article, a detailed explanation of the pharmacovigilance
actives and the benefit-risk evaluation has been discussed.
Every drug or medicinal product undergoes clinical phases when
coming to the market approval, and they have a benefit-risk ratio of
their own. Pharmacovigilance helps in providing the safety profile of
the drug or medicinal product and finds the risks. It ensures the
continued protection of medicinal products in the pharmaceutical and
health care industries and aims to improve patient care and
protection through the selection, monitoring, and communication of
drug safety in relation to the use of medicines. Pharmacovigilance
defines as “The science and activities relating to the detection,
evaluation, understanding, and prevention of adverse reactions to
medicines or any other medicine-related problems” [4].

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