There are hundreds of vaccines in the market with more than 90 percent effectiveness and 100 percent safety among healthy people, but still, vaccines are questionable to people.  The survey shows less than half percent of American people are willing to take vaccine1.

There is a reason behind it. Many trials in past discriminated and caused death among the people2. Can we overcome this? Can we regain trust among people? We believe yes.

WHO and CDC did a lot of changes in clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance like all ethnicity people should be included in worldwide trials. Clinical trial data safety should be reported amongst all ethnicities and genders participated in the clinical trial. Minimize placebo based studies for critical diseases etc.  All newly changed guidelines promise the safety of all ethnic people and all genders. But why still there is a no-trust factor among people? The answer is awareness.

WHO and CDC should work on safety awareness of vaccines. They should work with Physicians, community pharmacists, and do public awareness programs to educate people and giving back the trust.




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