Organizing Committee Guidelines

Organizing Committee Member Guidelines

This document discusses in detail the roles and responsibilities of the Organizing Committee. It documents activities and should be used to provide a general guidance. 

Roles and responsibilities of Organizing Committee Members

The Organizing Committee Members are free to recommend appropriate sessions/tracks which are in accordance to the conference topic and theme. They should define the goals of all committee members and ensure that each of them plays a part in the overall success of the conference. Meanwhile, the Chair of the Committee is responsible to organize, schedule and allocate assignments to its members increase the scope of the conference.

Organizing Committee Members should take responsibility for the peer review process and established conference schedule by beginning and closing all events at prescheduled times avoiding any delays. They might suggest high-profile speakers and promote the conference to budding writers and delegates. The members are responsible to organize key ideas ahead of the conference and assist in making right decisions. They will also need to identify potential sponsors and advertisement opportunities.

Roles and responsibilities of Program Committee Members

The Program Committee Members should recognize their responsibilities and act accordingly. They should familiarize with other members of the committee and steer in proposing latest activities and services that will further the organization’s goals and mission. The members should participate for distinct parts of abstract review and conference sessions. They should ensure that the preparation and distribution of conference materials is done well in advance. If needed, specific conference sessions may also be held.

The Program Committee Members may serve as Session Chair on the advice of the Conference Chairs. They should provide administrative assistance to the Chair and facilitate communication between the Committee, Management and Attendees. 

Benefits for OCM & Program Committee Members

There are innumerable benefits for the members of the organizing committee and program committee. Here are listed a few of them:

  1. Getting publicity for your role in the success of the conference.
  2. Having the opportunity to suggest sessions and tracks that better suit an event.
  3. Propose new members to the committee.
  4. Members can give free advertisement in the conference book and can include inserts (provided by you) in conference giveaway bags.
  5. Free logo of the institution/association that you represent will be depicted on conference banners, books and website.
  6. Avail huge registration discounts for your organization members and groups suggested by you.
  7. Opportunity to select best poster/speaker nominees for awards.
  8. Name, designation and photographs of members will be displayed on the conference website.
  9. Being awarded mementoes and felicitated with a certificate at the conference

The members of the committee will be rotated after two or three successive instances if they are found to be inactive or reflect negligible involvement. This is undertaken to support the interests of the organization to increase its efficiency and also to make space for new members to join the committee.