Speaker Guidelines

Speaker Presentation Guidelines

Your efforts in maintaining the meeting schedule, which benefits all attendees, is deeply valued. Do keep in mind the following guidelines:

Types of PresentationsTotal Allotted Time
Plenary Talk40 min Followed by Q&A Session
Keynote Talk30 min Followed by Q&A Session
Invited Talk25 min Followed by Q&A Session
Featured Talk20 min Followed by Q&A Session

Note:     1. Organizers reserve the right to alter the duration of the presentations/talks to accommodate the overall conference agenda.

  1. The preferred language of all the presentations including oral, poster or video presentations is English and all the relevant submissions should be made in English.

Preparation for Presentation

Presenters should keep in mind the following pointers before going for a presentation:

  • Speakers should bring their USB device to the check-in area at least 2 hours before the commencement of their talk as the technical team will pre-load the presentation to the networked system.
  • Speakers can also use their own devices and/or gadgets for their presentations.
  • Make sure that the laptop you are using for presentation is loaded with Windows 7/10; MSOffice 2007/10 Pro English (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and Adobe Reader.
  • Microphones, laser pointers and LCD projectors will be provided at the conference.
  • Speakers who have not submitted the details of their presentation to the organizing staff or session chair should be ready with their devices in the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.

Recording and Photo Policy

For promotional purposes, there may be a photographer and video recording for dissemination on the website and other mediums. Speakers who do not wish to be photographed/recorded should intimate the session chair well ahead of their session or to the organizers present at the registration desk.