United Conference of COVID-19 Pandemic

Theme : Implications of COVID-19 on Pharma and Medicine around the World

Webinar on COVID-19 Pandemic| July 14-15, 2021

About The Conference

On behalf of United Conferences, we are overwhelmed to welcome all the interested participants to attend “United Conference of COVID-19 Pandemic” Webinar Event on July 14-15, 2021. This conference boats of a huge variety of Keynote presentations, plenary talks, Poster presentations and Career development programs.

United Conference on COVID-19 Pandemic aims to bring together a significant number of leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Research and Development on COVID-19 It is a foremost integrative platform for researchers, educators and practitioners alike to present and explore the latest innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted during this pandemic.

Previous Keynotes - Vaccines

Orlaith Ryan
Orlaith Ryan

Chief Technical Officer Shorla Pharma, Ireland

Zina Kobbi
Zina Kobbi

CEO of AREMA, Nabeul Governorate, Tunisia

Ali Moghaddam
Ali Moghaddam

Vice President & General Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Damon Smith
Damon Smith

CEO TALLC Corporation Inc., Mirabel, Quebec, Canada

Mathew Cherian
Mathew Cherian

Director & Senior Fellow Pharmaceutical Development, Hospira, a Pfizer Company, United States

Amanda DeMarzo

Associate Director, Patient Access New Jersey, United States

Abdalla Abotaleb - (WHO)

Project Manager, World Health Organization, Spain

Eluemuno R Blyden

Founder/CEO at Avril Biopharma, inc., United States

Ongoing Keynotes

Richard B.M. Schasfoort

Founder of IBIS Technologies BV

Robert Conradt

CONRADT Measurement and Control Technology, Germany

Gail Trauco

Advisory Committee Member COVID-19 FDA, Principal CEO The PharmaKon LLC, USA

Ahmed A Bashir

GCSRT, Harvard Medical School, USA

Gustavo G. Cortina Rodríguez

Director of Quality of Life Office University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez Campus

Gerard Charles

PhD Gerontology (Candidate), Singapore University of Social Sciences & Singapore General Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, Singapore

Irina Zyrianova

Institute for Innovative Biotechnologies in Animal Husbandry, the branch of L.K. Ernst Federal Science Center for Animal Husbandry, Russia


Dhaval Surti

Heading QA, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited, India

Md. Saddam Nawaz

Head of Quality Assurance, ACI HealthCare Limited, Bangladesh

Elie Arslan
Elie Arslan

Manager, Technical QA and Document Control at Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma, United States

Majdi Ayoub

Quality & Validation Manager at Rieckermann GmbH Jordan

Dishant Sanghavi

Senior Manager - Global Quality and Compliance, Sun Pharma, India

Mohammad Refaat Khattab, Ph.D

Scientist at Texas A&M University - USA

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Who Can Attend

  • Deans, Directors, CEO of an Organization
  • Business Development Managers
  • Chief Scientific Officers
  • R&D Researchers from Biosimilar and Biologic Industries
  • PhD Scholars
  • Professors, Associate professors, Assistant Professors
  • Drug Development Discovery Companies
  • Association, Association Presidents and Professionals
  • Formulation and Pharma Manufacturing Companies
  • Immunization providers
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Pharmacists
  • Physician assistants
  • DOD paraprofessionals
  • Medical students
  • State and local immunization programs
  • Others authorized to prepare and administer COVID-19 vaccine

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United Pharma Technologies Collaborations and Associations

Richard B.M. Schasfoort
Richard B.M. Schasfoort
Founder of IBIS Technologies BV
Biography: Richard B.M. Schasfoort (1959) graduated in 1984 as a biotechnology major from the University of Groningen. He defended his PhD thesis for a new approach to biosensor operation in 1989. He is founder of the company IBIS Technologies BV after selling his shares of Bio-intermediair BV in 1996. He developed at IBIS Technologies the Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) platform. In 2002, Richard started the Biochip group at the University of Twente after receiving the VIDI grant from NWO. He is co-author of > 100 peer reviewed papers and editor of the two Handbooks of Surface Plasmon Resonance (2008 and 2017). In the chair Medical Cell BioPhysics of Prof. Leon Terstappen, he investigates single cell binding and secretion fingerprinting of cancer cells. Since the Corona outbreak in March 2020, he changed his focus to antibody profiling using SPRi of patients with COVID19 and cooperates with the hospital Medical Spectrum Twente/Medlon.
Robert Conradt
Robert Conradt
A new Reproduction Index Ri and its relevance for an early warning system preceding a pandemic wave
Biography: I am the owner of a small company for measurement technology. Beside developments to high precision measuring devices (mainly torque, angle, force, flow rates etc.) we also develop very complex devices (e.g. ID card reader, for the biggest passport manufacturer in the world with 80% of all passports. I must admit: my favorite project). A special part of our work - and this is the origin of the paper - consists of non-university research (without public funding!). The mentioned paper is very much about good evaluation of measurement data (Covid19-data published by Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI)/ Germany). Weaknesses in the evaluation system of the RKI were found. With the correct evaluation and clever application and display of the data, one suddenly obtains insights that one (unfortunately) did not have before. This could have saved many lives and (at least in Germany) could have reduced the economic damage. Since RKI is a German federal authority, the resonance of our paper is understandably smaller in Germany than outside.
Gail Trauco
Gail Trauco
Advisory Committee Member COVID-19 FDA, Principal CEO The PharmaKon LLC, USA
Biography: The PharmaKon LLC specializes in clinical pharmaceutical product development and trials. It is a 100% woman owned business led by its CEO/founder Gail Trauco, R.N., BSN-OCN. The PharmaKon partners with biopharmaceutical and biotech companies, investigators, site staff, lab and technology vendors, and regulatory authorities to reinforce patient safety and access throughout every phase of research. All play a part in delivering the quality data that can drive promising compounds forward.
For nearly 30 years, The PharmaKon’s dedicated government and public health services group has successfully delivered clinical research services to various agencies, contractors and nonprofits in both prime contractor and subcontractor capacities within full compliance of all federal contracting requirements. Its services have supported the organizations in conducting therapeutic, vaccine and medical device studies on a global scale across all trial phases and therapeutic areas.

The PharmaKon has a unique understanding and connection to rural healthcare and underserved communities by way of Trauco’s personal experiences growing up on a family farm in her native North Carolina. Despite challenges with generational grief and poverty, Trauco persevered through high school and college at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and then began a life and career of her own as an oncology nurse. Trauco worked for the Chief of Surgical Oncology at Duke University Cancer Cener, Dr. Hilliard Siegler, a pioneer in the field of immunotherapy in 1957, whom she credits for her foundation of knowledge about medicine.

A registered Oncology nurse, pharmaceutical trials expert, and long-time Patient advocate, Trauco has spent four decades helping patients navigate the sea of red tape in the American healthcare system. Based just outside Atlanta, she has gained a reputation as a fierce advocate for patient’s rights and for resolving some of the most difficult medical cases in the currently crippled healthcare industry. As a lifelong healthcare professional and frequent on camera expert, Gail Trauco is equal parts Gloria Allred, Erin Brokovich, and Nancy Grace…with a small twist of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

For more information about Gail Trauco and The PharmaKonLLC visit:
Ahmed A Bashir
Ahmed A Bashir
GCSRT, Harvard Medical School, USA
Biography: Ahmed A Bashir is a Consultant Pediatrician, neonatologist, and Geneticist/Genomic/Molecular Genetics Researcher , I am a very motivated geneticist, Pediatrician, Neonatologist who likes to learn and teach what I learned to others. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests, and an organization that values its employees.
In 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 the hospital was again awarded the Joint Commission Gold Seal. During the past 15 years with responsibility for acute general pediatrics patients, Neonatology and Molecular genetics and Genomics, extended to Department of Pediatrics Head at Al Mana General Hospital-Jubail. Head of Al Mana Research Project since September 2016.Postdoctral Fellow in Professor Stanley Nelson Laboratory at UCLA, California, USA since June 2017.Main Research Project: Ultra rare Degenerative Diseases in Saudi Children, sponsored by King Abdulla Medical Research Center, Al Mana Group in Saudi Arabia and University of California at Los Angeles, USA.

I have Affiliations with the following Institutions: University of Khartoum, Sudan; Cairo University in Egypt; The Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland; Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA;UCLA,LA CA,USA,; Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA,USA
Gustavo G. Cortina Rodríguez
Gustavo G. Cortina Rodríguez
Director of Quality of Life Office University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez Campus
Biography: Gustavo G. Cortina Rodríguez is a prevention specialist and researcher in public health. He completed a bachelor's in psychology, a Master’s in Communication and Health, and a Ph.D. in Public Health with a focus on global health, risk behaviors, and public policy. He is a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. He has been a spokesperson on public health issues such as abuse of alcohol and other drugs, suicide, health disparities, social justice, and civil rights.
He is currently the Director of the Quality-of-Life Office at UPRM, Title IX Coordinator, and collaborates as a professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. He is the president and founder of Humanization in Health. He carries out an education crusade on the topics of anxiety and mental health, suicide, accessibility to health services, bullying, sexual violence, compassion, among others.
Gerard Charles
Gerard Charles
PhD Gerontology (Candidate), Singapore University of Social Sciences & Singapore General Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, Singapore
Biography: Gerard Charles is employed in Singapore General Hospital at the Department of Emergency Medicine. I am also currently a doctoral student in Gerontology, PhD Gerontology candidate at Singapore University of Social Sciences. My research interests lie in the fields of ageing, healthcare, nursing and gerontology.
Irina Zyrianova
Irina Zyrianova
Institute for Innovative Biotechnologies in Animal Husbandry, the branch of L.K. Ernst Federal Science Center for Animal Husbandry, Russia
Biography: Since joining the Institute for Innovative Biotechnologies in Animal Husbandry, Irina has been involved with studies of polymorphisms and phylogeny of genes and proteins of Deltaretroviruses and Betacoronoviruses. Before, Irina worked at the different Russian Research Institutions and participated in Postdoc programs at Reading (England) and Miami (USA) programs.

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