United Conference of Reproductive Health and Infertility Medicine

Theme : Latest Innovations and Advancements In Reproductive Health and Infertility Medicine

Webinar on April 7th, 2023

About The Conference

United Conference of Reproductive Health and Infertility Medicine , accelerates research updates on discovery and innovation in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Male Infertility, Invitro Fertilization, Endometriosis, Gametogenesis Fertilization, Implantation and Early development of Embryo, Normal Labour, Anatomical and Physiological Changes in Female Genital Tract during Pregnancy, Pharmacology of Drugs used during Pregnancy, Post-partum period, Development of Placenta, Amniotic Fluid, Anatomy of Fetus, Puerperium – Normal, Malpresentation & Malposition of Labour, Abnormal Puerperium, Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy, Physiology of Menstruation, Ovulation, Fertilization, Menopause, Endometriosis, Contraception, Cervical Cancer, Family Planning, etc.

United Conference of Reproductive Health and Infertility Medicine is a widest scientific integrative platform for Doctors, Scientists and professors, Gynecology Surgeons, Women’s health Care Researchers, Healthcare Faculty, Registered Nurse, Medical Colleges Staff, Healthcare Associations and Societies, Business Entrepreneurs, Midwife Nurse Educator, Nurse Practitioner, Gynecologists, Radiographers and Sonographer, Anaesthesiologist etc, share knowledge and research work, recent advancements in the field of Reproductive Health and Infertility Medicine.

Current Keynote Speakers

Dr. Ibrahim El Bayoumy
Dr. Ibrahim El Bayoumy

Lecturer And Tutor For Post Graduate Studies MSc And Diploma Of Public Health-On Line Teaching-UK At University Of South Wales.

Jennifer Coady Murphy

Fertility Expert: Elite Inspirational Coach: Escape & Re-Charge Retreats: Award Winning Author: Speaker: Waterford Metropolitan Area

Jennifer Coady Murphy

Fertility Expert: Elite Inspirational Coach: Escape & Re-Charge Retreats: Award Winning Author: Speaker: Waterford Metropolitan Area

Grace (Adaobi) Oraneli

Clinical Embryologist at Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre, Nigeria Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Brandon Lucke-Wold

Co-Founder at SwiftScience Gainesville, Florida, United States

Previous Keynotes

Founder & CEO | Chief R&D & AI Health Innovation Officer| Chief Digital Health Officer & Chief Strategy Officer @Global DigiAIHealth | Expert Member for Digital Health, AI Health, WHO Geneva.

Marieke Meulemans

CEO GCP Central B.V., Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

CEO & Co-Founder Nexus eHealth Formal regional Medical Director for J&J and Eli Lilly Novartis: Pharmacovigilance Lead

Karmen Trzupek
Karmen Trzupek

Director, Clinical Trial Services at InformedDNA, United States

Ted Barduson

COO, Co-Founder at MedVector Clinical Trials

Clinical Operations | Genentech,, United States

Clinical Researcher | Advancing medicine with Clinical Trial Austin, Texas, United States

Michael Sassano

Founder, Chairman & CEO Somai Pharmaceuticals; Leading Mergers as Founder of Solaris Farms; Investor, Cannabis, GMP Specialist, Alternative Medicine

Basma ElBahrawy
Basma ElBahrawy

Compliance Officer Ad-Interim at Clinart MENA

Ahmed Elgouhary

Vaccines Medical Affairs & PSI Lead, Saudi Arabia at Pfizer

Sessions and Tracks

  • Reproductive and Sexual health
  • Non-Reproductive Health
  • Mental Health
  • Recent Advances in Gynaecology
  • Pregnancy Care and Delivery
  • Recent Advances in Gynaecology
  • Medication and Monitoring
  • Fetal-Placental Neuroendocrine Development
  • Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology
  • Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Postpartum Period
  • Care of the Newborn
  • Midwifery-led Continuity of Care
  • Pathophysiology
  • Surgical Curettage
  • Prognosis
  • Etymology
  • Pediatric Gynecology
  • Intrauterine Insemination
  • In vitro Fertilization
  • Surrogates and Gestational Carriers
  • Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Gynecologic Surgeries
  • Endometriosis
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Reproductive Medicine & Reproductive Toxicology
  • Gynography
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology
  • Medicated Intrauterine Devices
  • Abortion and Complications
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Ethical Legal and Social Issues

Ongoing Keynotes

Saliha Akhtar
Saliha Akhtar

Strategy & Operations in Global Drug Development, Bristol Myers Sqibb New York City Metropolitan Area

Dr Lia Hunter
Dr Lia Hunter

Consultant Orchard with Director Clinnovate Ltd/ CGX TRAINING Ltd, south Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Boxiong Tang

Executive Director at BeiGene USA Inc

Om Sharma
Om Sharma, MS, PhD

Former Senior Director,
Global Oncology R&D

Sathish Dharani
Sathish Dharani

Assistant Research Scientist College Station, Texas, United States


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Who Can Attend

  • Deans, Directors, CEO of an Organization
  • Business Development Managers
  • Chief Scientific Officers
  • R&D Researchers from Biosimilar and Biologic Industries
  • PhD Scholars
  • Professors, Associate professors, Assistant Professors
  • Drug Development Discovery Companies
  • Association, Association Presidents and Professionals
  • Formulation and Pharma Manufacturing Companies
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Medical Software Developing Companies
  • Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies
  • Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Noble laureates in Health Care and Medicine
  • Pharmacists
  • Bio-instruments and Bio-informatics Professionals
  • Research Institutes and members
  • Pharmacy Institutes

Why Choose Us

  • Global & Local Expertise
  • Prospective Attendees
  • Larger worldview of the profession
  • We’re passionate about what we do
  • We focus on your career growth
  • Transparency in Communication
  • Open gateway towards INNOVATION
  • Strong sense of identification
  • Quality without compromise
  • Highly organised and structured scientific programs

Key Takeaways

  • Professional Worldwide
  • International Recognition of Researchers
  • Knowledge into Asset
  • Cognizance of leading Cutting – Edge technologies
  • Publication of Abstracts in preeminent supported journals
  • New Accomplishments with Edu – tech ideas
  • Exposure to the upcoming business trends
  • Free access to our forthcoming International events
  • Certificate of presentation with International signatories

United Pharma Technologies Collaborations and Associations

Mahendra Singh
Founder & CEO | Chief R&D & AI Health Innovation Officer| Chief Digital Health Officer & Chief Strategy Officer @Global DigiAIHealth | Expert Member for Digital Health, AI Health, WHO Geneva.
Biography: Mahendra is a visionary, revolutionary serial DigitalHealthTechpreneur, Passionate Next Generation Deep Tech Start-up Guru in Digital Health, AI Health &Telemedicine Innovation & Research with an exceptional synergy of Digital HealthTech Business Management Leadership+ Doctor+Engineer +Innovator &Research Scientist.

He is an Expert Member for Digital Health & Innovation, WHO Geneva.

He is working with WHO Partner 30 countries including India in Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation.
He is World's Top 30 Most Impactful Digital HealthTech, AI Health Innovation Global Business Leader, Think-Tank, Speaker& Influencer, KOL, Voice of Healthcare & National-International Policymaker for various countries in deep Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine, MedTechIoT,Big Data, Blockchain &MedTech with strong 27 Yrs exp as a Most Impactful Global Business Leader.

A Digital Health & AI Health, Telemedicine Innovation Start-up management Guru.

He can predict with scientific evidence basis which Doctor& Hospital are how much Healthy or Not globally to deliver better treatment outcome & Quality Health delivery to Patient or not.

A serial Digital HealthStartup Founder &CEO, MD, COO, SVP, Director, Board Member &Advisory Board Member.

In his 27 Years exp he founded, setup, worked, built as successful serial DigitalHealthPreneur more than 9 out of his 16 Global Digital Health start-ups from Israel, India, US, UK, Germany & China from scratch Concept to Commercialization converted to Multi-Million$ MNC in an Impossible ecosystem from India to Global.

He launched 90 Innovative Nextgen Digital Health Technologies with 200 Products &Solns in next Gen innovative Healthtech driven by cutting-edge Digital Health,AI Health,Telemedicine & MedTech created tractions of 500 Million Patients globally.
60+ Clinical Trials,400+ Treatment procedures in Top10 medical super specialities including NCD. Transforming Healthcare accessible, affordable to all through disruption & Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation for Quality Health Delivery Treatment outcome.

A game-changer, developed novel solution to solve a complex problem in Prevention, early detection, complete disease control &management in Covid19, Top20 Cancer, COPD, Diabetes, Heart & Mental Health.

Created huge value-based business on the basis of his own entrepreneur management skills.

He never give up, alway go ahead with strong will power, determination& Passion to achieve Goal.

He THINK OUT OF BOX with unique Profitable Business management with double-digit sustainable growth approach.
Marieke Meulemans
Marieke Meulemans
CEO GCP Central B.V., Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Biography: She is a Founder and CEO of GCP Central since 2012 with over 15 years of experience within the clinical research world, and is the driving force behind the company vision.

•Development of practice-based and effective online GCP training for clinical research professionals.
•Setup and implementation of Learning Management Systems.

Specialties: eLearning development ; online GCP training; training needs analysis; process improvement; training management; blended learning; Good Clinical Practice; Clinical research rules & regulations; Wet Medisch Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (WMO) training
Nashwa Nashaat
CEO & Co-Founder Nexus eHealth Formal regional Medical Director for J&J and Eli Lilly Novartis: Pharmacovigilance Lead
Biography: She has dedicated her career to improving the patients’ care and healthcare services. Inspired by the advancement in technology and her personal mission to serve patients, she has co-founded a company where the unmet patient’s needs drive the innovation for personalized technology-based solutions. In her role as a Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder for Nexus eHealth, she is committed to being a catalyst in the adoption of precision medicine through the Technology Enabled Connected Care solutions and building the healthcare technology capabilities, especially in the Middle East and Africa.
Prior to founding Nexus eHealth, being a physician; with PhD in Pediatric Oncology/Hematology, she devoted her passion to improve cancer patients’ lives and affordability of medicine by working with different global medical societies, NGOs and policy makers for more than 18 years. She has also worked for top multinational pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical devices companies (Novartis, Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson) during the last 11 years where she took several global executive leadership roles in R&D, GxP auditing, medical affairs, patients advocacy and support programs, governmental affairs, business development, market access, healthcare policies and digital transformation strategies.

She was honored with 25 global awards for innovation, excellence and patient centricity. She authored more than 20 scientific publications. She serves as technical advisor and organizational leadership coach qualified by Glasgow university. She has been volunteering in different community services in Africa and a member in the Global Camper of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) that support the spirit of entrepreneurship. She is an Egyptian woman who constantly advocates the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion & woman empowerment across the corporate world and the society as a whole.
Ted Barduson
Ted Barduson
COO, Co-Founder at MedVector Clinical Trials
Biography: Commercially minded, and accomplished executive with extensive management experience leading all aspects of company success in the development of profit-generating strategies within start-up, turnaround, and industry-leading healthcare companies. Experience in identifying funding sources, merger and acquisition opportunities, and revenue-generating business strategies.
His professional success is due to being a responsive, approachable leader that creates opportunities for my team.
Extensive industry relationships with C-Suite executives and decision-makers at the health system and vendor partner levels. Ability to drive vision into strategic ideas, via close coordination with the management team, stakeholders, and C-level executives.

Some of his career achievements include:
● President and General Manager leading successful private equity exit via a transformation change to recurring software revenue service model, delivering yearly revenue growth of 7%, driving 11% profits, 68% gross margin, and a 166% increase in EBIDTA.
● President of La Jolla Wellness Studio and the patented MyoMetrix Method driving partnership with VEBA Health Plan of 200,000 members of teachers, police, and fire employees in southern California.
● Led sales and support driving commercial company growth from $10M revenue with 450 employees to $130M revenue with 3,000 employees, decreasing sales cycle from 11 months to 88 days, and increasing average customer size from $140,000/year to $525,000/year.

Specialties: Visionary, Strategy, Execution,Turnaround, Change,Cost Analysis,Reduction, and Control;Sales and Marketing Team Building;Customer/Company Profitability;Deal Structuring and Negotiating Skills;Growth Management and Business Development;Product Development and Rollout;Strategic/Tactical Partnership, Development;Investor, Analyst & Board Relations,Strategic Planning & Execution,Operations Management, P&L Administration, Revenue & Profit Growth,Budget & Cost Control,Private Equity,Nationally recognized public speaker,Change Management,Leadership & Team Building, Market Positioning.
Michael Sassano
Michael Sassano
Founder, Chairman & CEO Somai Pharmaceuticals; Leading Mergers as Founder of Solaris Farms; Investor, Cannabis, GMP Specialist, Alternative Medicine
Biography: Although Michael Sassano’s exciting career has led him to be involved in the fast-paced worlds of international real estate development, high-level banking, and cutting edge tech-investing, it is the cannabis space where he has shined the brightest. Michael is well known as one of the original movers and shakers in this sector, celebrated prominently in both mainstream business and cannabis media as an authority on large-scale cannabis cultivation, a pioneer of technology that affects entire markets, and an internationally respected expert on predicting long term industry trends. You can read about his advice's and progress here: https://www.somaipharma.eu/news
In July 2020, Michael led a merger of the cannabis cultivation company he built, Solaris Farms, with The Sanctuary, a local Las Vegas brand operating two dispensaries and an extraction facility. In four years with it's beginnings in private equity, Michael was able to build Solaris out from a bare lot of land into one of the largest and most well respected cannabis cultivation operations in the state of Nevada, and then further merged it into one of the top ten vertically integrated cannabis companies in the state. Michael remains on the advisory board and will help sell the new vertical to a larger company in the future.

Michael has otherwise shifted focus to his role as CEO and Chairman of the Board for Somai Pharmaceuticals LTD, an Ireland-based company that focuses on the cultivation and extraction of cannabis, and producing EU-GMP certified cannabinoid formulations for pharmaceutical distribution. Taking with him the superior cultivation and product development knowledge learned while operating a successful company in the hyper competitive western U.S. market, Somai will be one of the first American-run companies operating across legal European markets.

Michael is currently building scalable high out-put cultivation and extraction facilities in various strategic countries in Europe. The idea is to carefully develop processes for scalability and get proper registrations in order to expand as new countries legalize medical cannabis and new markets and demographics become available. The flexibility of his methods are intended to help mitigate any potential issues of government adoption by opening up avenues for adaptation and expansion as the EU market develops. As the continent ultimately comes fully online, Somai will be positioned as a top global pharmaceutical distributor of medical-grade, EU-GMP-certified cannabis.

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