Editor Guidelines

An editor is liable to both maintain and improve the quality of a Journal. The editor must be able to decide whether the submitted manuscript is suitable to be a part of the Journal or not, then which are generally reviewed by minimum two experts and handling editor, here review comments are considered and take the final decision.

Editor Responsibilities:

 The editor will decide on the strengths and weaknesses of the submitted research work.

  1. Based on the research interest (or) subject, the editor will assign submitted manuscript to a reviewer for the peer review process.
  2. The editor will encourage research into peer review, technological advances and reassess journal in the light of new discoveries.
  3. The editor is requested to send the acknowledgement within a short duration to the respective author after he/she receives the article so that the author would get an update on the paper’s status.
  4. Editor can reject an article if it does not meet the policies of submission. Those articles which are meeting the minimum criteria will be sent to the reviewers for review. In case of the latter, editors will first approach the reviewers with the title and abstract. If accepted, then it can be sent directly to the reviewer.
  5. The final decision for acceptance/rejection of the article based on the comments/suggestions lies with the editor.
  6. Editor shall convey acceptance/rejection to the author and make sure that feedback provided to author is constructive, fair, and timely and also able to resolve any conflicts.
  7. Article submitted for peer review is a privileged communication that should be treated in confidence, taking care to guard the author’s identity and work.
  8. All information of the research work is confidential and must be maintained by the Editors and reviewers.
  9. Editors should ensure advancement of the journal by making decisions in a clear and positive manner.
  10. They may also research/review article for each issue to maintain the quality of the article.

Benefits for Editors:

 Editor’s profile will be displayed on our website with an image, biography and area of interest.

  1. A certificate will be awarded as a credit of your valuable contribution and support.
  2. Editor will also qualify for additional benefits such as special waiver on publication fee for articles such as editorial or research/review.

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